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December 2021, Pages 85-314 June 2021

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Journal of Design Thinking is the first and only journal in the field of Industrial Design in Iran.

We kindly request the authors, researchers, and designers to submit their papers in the related topics of the journal.

It is an honor for the journal to share your intellectual achievements in the fields of creativity and design thinking.






ISO Abbreviation:                J. Des. Think.

Publishing Policy:                 Open Access

Average Time to First Decision:    3 Weeks

Peer Review Policy:               Double Blind

Frequency:                               Semiannual

Language:                                       English


Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2021, Pages 85-314 

How Did Design Thinking Develop in the Arab World? Findings from Twitter Analysis

Pages 175-190


Hanadi Traifeh; Raad Bin Tareaf; Reem Abou Refaie; Christoph Meinel; Julia von Thienen

To Be Seen and Not To Be Seen in Environmental Design

Pages 239-248


Nasser Koleini Mamaghani; Hussein Nasser Al Islami; Hadi Seyedarabi

New Mind Development Makes Issues in Home Fabrication of 3D Printing

Pages 249-262


Mohsen Jaafarnia; Sahar Boroomand; Mohsen Saffar Dezfuli; Seyed Hashem Mosaddad; Avinash Shende; Arash Hekmat

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