Aims and Scope

Based on the scientific capacity of society of Industrial Design in Iran, Journal of Design Thinking would act in a meta-academic way in collaboration with national and international prominent professors. 

Subject of Papers:

Papers accepted would be based on these subjects:

1)     Design studies as a mental activity toward creative solution of problems such as:

  • Design studies, designerly way of thinking and creative problem solving.

  • Investigation of design roots considering culture, region and inter-cultural interactions

2)     Design projects in different fields and studies toward design challenges such as:

  • Introducing design prominent projects and knowledge based activities related to design

  • Introducing researches and outcomes related to different fields of design, such as product design, service design, automotive design, packaging design, jewelry design, furniture design, …

3)     Technologies, skills and related education in design including:

  • Knowing design and creativity and tactics for educating designers in different fields.

  • Approaches, methods and new design tools such as design and production of digital and intelligent products

4)     Inter-disciplinary studies, introducing the role of design in relation to other sciences and different fields of design research such as:

  • Criticizing theories about human, design and technology

  • Applied researches in sustainable design, multiple approaches (economic, social and environmental) in design

  • Investigating the role of human factors in product design