Guide for Authors

Instruction for Authors

Journal of Design Thinking is a scientific journal in Iran which has been directed toward publishing the result of scholarly work of researchers in fields of Industrial Design, Design Studies, Creativity and Design Thinking. All the submitted papers are evaluated for publication by double blind peer review and would be released in open access format for all researchers.

  • The manuscript must be written in English.
  • JDT accepts papers reporting original scientific research, scholarly book reviews, and critical articles discussing published papers in the past.
  • The paper should have neither been previously published nor be under consideration elsewhere.


The manuscript should contain sections of the abstract, introduction, research methodology, body of research, results, discussion and conclusion, notes and references. It should be about 8-20 pages written on A4 paper, with Times New Roman font 12 pt. In one column and 1.5 lines spacing for text, and submitted in Microsoft 2007 format.

Before submission;


Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be asked to complete the Journal Publishing Agreement

Conflict of Interests

Upon acceptance of the article by JChPE, authors are required to sign the conflict of interests form and send it to the journal.

1. Title should be brief and informative, without abbreviations. It should be centered at the top of page in 18 pt. Times New Roman bold font.

2. Author names: first name, last name should be written under the title in 13 pt. Times New Roman bold font (You should mark the corresponding author with *)

3. Affiliations: List the affiliation of each authors including; department, university, city and country. Please provide telephone number and e-mail address for each author. It should be written under the author’s names in 11 pt. Times New Roman font.

4. Abstract: The abstract should include the statement of the problem, the purpose, the nature of the research, the subject matter, the important findings, discussion and conclusions. The abstract should be 150-250 words.

5. Keywords: 3 to 5 related keywords should be provided.

6. The photos, pictures, tables, etc., should be made up to a maximum of 300 DPI. The legend and the source of the photographs, drawings, etc., should be under them. And the legend of the tables should be on top. (A separate file for all the images, graphics and tables should also be provided in PNG or JPG format with a minimum DPI of 300).

7. Reference: References must be listed alphabetically in English language. APA standard must be used for the references format.

8. Notes: Please put the notes before the References section.

9. Submission: The manuscripts could be submitted in the website of the journal (