Underlying Motives; Investigating culture Impact on Changing Individuals` Reading Behavior through a Digital Service

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Industrial Design, Kish International Campus University of Tehran, Kish, Iran.

2 School of Design, Human University, Hunan, China


Nowadays, service design is an inevitable part of the design; people use services as much as they use daily products. This paper tries to focus on the field of service design with a cultural approach. With the support of literature and a particular focus on the FBM model, it narrows down to reading habits as an element of culture and an individual's behavior. The research indicates that those with reading habits have underlying motives to accept new services according to reading. A survey of 81 participants supports the foundlings, and the discoveries are analyzed by the RGT method. A comparison study of the pattern of behavior is done by comparing the matrix of two divided groups of participants.This research is funded by Foreign Cultural and Educational Expert Project Digital Culture and Creative Product Design Technology System Construction for Cooperation between "One Belt, One Road" Countries (DL2021160002L).