Designing the Formal Identity of an Iranian Car Case Study: Sedan Car Gesign Based on the IKP1 Platform by Iranian Automobile Company

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1 buali sina university

2 Department of Industrial Design, Art and Architecture Faculty, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamadan, Iran.


Brand identity plays a crucial role in car design. In a highly competitive automotive market, brand identity helps cars stand out. This distinction can drive consumer preference and loyalty, and influencing purchasing decisions. One of the weaknesses in the design of Iranian cars is the insufficient attention to identity and the failure to follow a clear design direction in the manufactured products. Selecting analyzing the form of IKCO car designs in this research, can provide valuable insights into the company's design philosophy, its efforts to meet the demands of the Iranian market, and approach to creating brand identity through design.
Based on the main hypothesis, strengthening the language of design in the current identity of Iran Khodro's products, on the latest available platform for Iranian automotive companies (IKP1), leads to gaining a competitive advantage in the domestic market, enhancing the brand's mental image, and ultimately motivating domestic consumers and increasing sales.
In this research, a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods was employed to gather . Initially, preliminary information was collected through a review of quantitative data using library resources. In the second part, a questionnaire was designed to understand user preferences in design. Then, through Benchmarking Competitive Analysis and analyzing the obtained data, specific design factors were identified for different generations of Iran Khodro cars. Based on these factors, recommendations were provided for designing a new sedan car and strengthening the brand's design identity. These factors were examined through Exterior Design Analysis, including Proportions, Body Lines, and Front Fascia.


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